Faster, Reliable, More Accurate Captioning.

White Coat Captioning has developed an international reputation and following for excellence in captioning technical conferences. Ours is the only captioning firm that specialises in and focuses on tech. All of our captioners are exceptionally well rated for speed and accuracy and have extensive experience with technical jargon. Our rigorous screening process ensures that no underqualified or inexperienced captioners are ever allowed to work for us.

One in six people have some degree of hearing loss. Captioning provides universal access not just to them, but also to international audiences composed largely or partly of non-native speakers of English, journalists, and anyone who appreciates a written record of events. We offer both onsite and remote captioning services internationally.

Captioning for Tech Conferences

We transcribe tech conferences live, at up to 260 words per minute! Captioning services at your event improves accessibility, allows online participation with minimal tech overhead, and provides an immediate record of each presentation. More→

Captioning for Special Events

Captioning events for large audiences is helpful for more than just people with hearing loss. It improves audience accessibility, engagement, and understanding. In addition to our primary focus on medical and technical conferences, we also have years of experience captioning college graduation ceremonies, theatrical productions, lectures, comedy shows, and other public events. More→

Captioning to Meet Any Challenge


No other company specializes in the kind of work we do, and when it lands in their lap, they’re often not up to the task. We seek out the captioning jobs that terrify other companies: high stakes, high speed, high visibility, and the highest possible standards of accuracy.


"Came to our Rescue"


"Norma and her outstanding team came to our rescue after a suboptimal experience with a provider that was ruining everyone's experience. Not only did they provide state-of-the-art live captioning for a very technical and challenging topic, but they were able to arrange their schedules and put everyone to work with just a few hours notice. The audience couldn't believe the improvement."


Live Captioning Enhances UIKonf Experience

"When the speaker at @uikonf says something unusual, your eye instantly goes to the live captions to watch how the transcriber copes... The live captions are a great addition to the conference."
-Ole Begemann

"We even have live captioning! This must be the future already!"
- Engin Kurutepe


"Delivers the Highest Quality Service"

Neil Johnstone, FlingBrook

"It's quite incredible to watch them work during the show, seeing how quickly they write their text on the stenography machines. The accuracy is also impressive - even when working with strong accents and technical jargon the captions are delivered speedily and accurately. I'll be working with them again very soon."


A highly trained stenographer will either be onsite at an event or remotely listening in. The stenographer, using a chord-based encoding system, turns the audio into correctly spelled and punctuated text in fractions of a second. The captions are then streamed to a secure online portal which customers can read using the web browser of their computer, phone, or tablet. For bigger events, the captions can be projected onto a large screen or Jumbotron. We have ample experience working with large and small production companies and AV and technical crews, for small, medium, or extremely large events. We will work closely with your team and fit in to your event seamlessly.